Sneak peek for ya....


Straight out of the oven and needs a bit of finish work but this is one half…
Gonna post the final stuff in my regular pc thread later…



That’s awesome!

I hope to get a powdercoat done by you someday. :slight_smile:


That’s really cool man!

When I clicked I thought I’d see a CLYW Peak lol!

(2Sick Joey) #4

Looks cool! would look a little better with more black stripes


Awesome as usual. You never fail to amaze. Keep up the good work!


Not something I would buy, but I gotta say that it does look really good.

Keep up the work!


That my friend is why the make chocolate and vanilla!! :wink:

Thank you


I thought it was going to be a peak too…since it was sneak peak, not sneak peek. Still awesome though! Crazy stuff


Just noticed that…think I have been spending too much time looking at yoyos


Amazing job. Like the color scheme too.


Sweet! What yoyo is that?


A Madhouse prototype. Not mine. I hope they release it because I really liked it.


Looks nifty. You’ll have to take some shots of it in motion when it’s ready =)



Already shipped back, sorry.