d42k n355's Painted YoYo's. My first Painted throw - Sconi' Winter CLYW Peak!

This is the first throw I have ever painted, Hope you enjoy, Would love some feedback!

Sconi’ Winter Peak

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That’s awesome!

That looks incredible. With no big painters around, you have a great shot at being the next one.

Very impressive work. I love it.

Looks great, did you ad a clear coat?

Is this a Peak?? What color did it originally have?

Looks very nice! Has a very cool looking splash and great colors

Very sick… Thats one heavily used type 3 Big Yoyo String on there! :wink:




go PEAKachu. I know it’s not a peak but just jokeing

He beat me to it.


that’s genius right there. Now I need either a pokeball or pikachu themed peak. that will be its name. PEAKachu.

Nice job, may i ask how your doing it. With a paint brush? Or special equipment.

What kind of yoyo is that pokeball?

Is that a dti beast?

Thanks for steering me in the right direction. It appears it is. I currently own this yoyo and now that I’ve researched it I know that it is