How did I do?

My second Painted yoyo:>nu%3D5783>855>25%3A>WSNRCG%3D32%3B%3A88%3B56234%3Bnu0mrj>nu%3D5783>855>25%3A>WSNRCG%3D32%3B%3A88%3B56434%3Bnu0mrj


you did sexy

hehe not bad!

other than the one big drip in the 2nd pic I really like it

thanks guys, it may be for sale in the future :slight_smile:

just press the Thank You button :smiley:

You did good!

its purty

preeety good


Nice FHZ :slight_smile: Is it sili recessed Shmooved etc.?

No, he just painted it.