Snap-Do adware virus

One of my less than computer literate friends managed to install snap-do on his computer yesterday. He got a pop-up saying he had important updates to install - so he did! :wink: To complicate things, he’s running a 12 yr old HP box with the original XP that’s never been patched. It took me 2 hrs to get rid of it along with a couple of other “free” packages it installed - a “free” backup utility and a PC scanner/registry fixer. Had to run the MS uninstall utility 3 times to get rid of it all. Turns out it installs itself into all browsers on the box and you need to disable it on all of them before you can totally uninstall. What a PITA.

Gotta love the folks that are technologically impaired. Though now he probably views you as some sort of computer god and will rush to you every time his keyboard is acting up :smiley:

Yes, he will, but he’s a special friend. He’s the kind of guy you can depend on when you need it.
Computer god - ehhh, yes, I are one. :wink:

Why didn’t you just do a system restore? Browser-jackers don’t usually screw with windows, only your browsers.

More often then not, the problem lies between the keyboard and the chair!

This one does.

Normally I find that my technological problems are solved using some kind of mallet.


“Congratulations, you’ve just won a free iPad”

Those words are gonna be your friends downfall.

did you try turning it off and back on?

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Yes, a simple power down doesn’t fix this one, nor does it remove the 2 “free” apps it also installed.
I’m not aware of any of these things that a power off/on fixes. If it was that easy what would be the point?

I believe moemoeKyun was referring to a common joke in the IT field,

It is occasionally called “IT 101” or “Tech support 101”

Sometimes used in conjunction with the ID ten-T error, which means ID10T, or IDIOT error. Also sometimes used with PEBKAC, Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair, basically calling the user stupid.

Hmmm, guess I don’t get around much.

One of my mate’s younger brothers (he was 10-ish) once asked me if I could speed up his laptop because it was running slow.

When I opened up a browser window… well, it went a bit like this.

I was greeted with more toolbars, add ons, smiley centrals and cursor mania’s than any human being should be forced to witness. The sheer amount of bright colours was enough to take off a man’s retina at 50 paces.

That thing had more viruses than the CDC data archives. People that young and naive shouldn’t be allowed computers…