I’ve noticed ads showing up when I hover over certain red underlined links. The advertising company is called “text enhance.” Is this just my computer?

here’s an example:

“News and information on your favorite manufacturers!”

for me, the word information is red and underlined, and there’s and ad when I hover over it or click on it.

I think this is something with my computer, but i’d like to know for sure.


I haven’t noticed that on any threads. I suspect it’s some sort of add-on or spyware on your end.


I don’t see it. All I see is:

Manufacturer News
News and information on your favorite manufacturers!

Just as it appears above.

thanks, I’ll have avast run a check :-\

One of my laptops has this. I’ve had no luck getting rid of it so far. If you are able to please update. :slight_smile:

Do a security check like you said.

I think I had a laptop that did something like that.

It’s broken now. (From overheating)

Hope you get it fixed!

What browser are you using?
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I’m using google chrome
The security check actually turned up nothing, but I did some googling and it turns out it was an app I downloaded for chrome. I deleted it and it seems to be gone now.

I recommend this link:

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Give your browser a full restart. Uninstall and Reinstall it if the problem persists.

That happened to me once, and i found out it was just the computer. it’s not the site. :slight_smile:

Find the name of whatever the ad’s for, google how to uninstall it.
I had mouse-over links for random words before that was quite annoying. I went to uninstall it but I couldn’t find it on the list at all. Ended up having to download a specific program to remove it.