Snakeskinstrings wants to hear from you!!

Snakeskinstrings produces custom hand made Yoyo strings and we want to hear your opinion. What color combos do you think would look awesome? The options are almost unlimited. Post bellow and if we like it we might make it available in our ebay store!

P.S Two new colors soon available!

Ebay link:

Black white
Black lime green
Black neon yellow
Dark purple

orange and black

black and white.

clear lol

Great ideas! Black and white is actually available on our ebay store!

Blue and orange (for all you Portal geeks)

Salmon and Dark Grey
Teal and Brown
Blue and Silver (is silver even possible?)
Red and Gold (is gold even possible?)
Neon Orange and Violet
Black, Neon Green, and Sky Blue
Light Tan and Olive Green

Please do: Cardinal and Gold (School Colors lol) :slight_smile:
Pink and Purple
and Green and Orange

I would definitely try some of your strings if you added these colors!

Blue and gold! My school colors :smiley:

wow dude thats my schools colors!

Neon green neon orange neon pink neon yellow BLEND

I would like to see a highly visible purple that is flourescent. Every purple string is too dark to see or if it is light enough, it is pink.

i make gold and silver string :slight_smile:

Woven neon yellow and neon green are my faves, with a tiny hint of a darker color on occasion.

Sweet! What’s your mascot? Mine’s an eagle. ;D

Oh and Please also do Yellow, Blue, and Red. You can call it Primary Colors! ;D

Hey all!

Sweet ideas! Neon and flourescent colors will soon be available, bright purple being one of them! We will let you know by the end of the week which other color combos we are going to introduce. We have a few available on ebay already. Check them out and let us know what you think. Thanks!

How about
lime green and pink
white and lime green
orange and white

Great news! New string colors will soon be available. New thread colors are bright purple, neon yellow, neon green, bright red, neon orange, and neon pink! new color combos should be available in a week or so. All strings are 20% off for a limited time!