Snake string review

Yay! Snake skin string review!
Ok, first off color
Blood lust:too dark
Green and blue:ok

Too thin, it feels like your playing with a thread, slightly rough, which I like. A little over tightened.

String tension:
Overall, pretty good, but on suicides, the loops don’t open up as much, this can be fixed by making the string thicker.

Update coming soon

I was surprised the this stuff even could bind it was so thin, but it binds pretty good, but it would be better if it was thicker.

Whips are good, but could be a little heavier.
Could do double lacerations, but not double brent stoles.

String burn:
Better then kitty string, but it is noticeable in repetitive pops and Eli hops.

Good string, I think if it is just a little thicker this stuff would be AWESOME. Good job and keep making those snake skins!