Snake Skin String

Alright, this is my first review, so go easy on me boys.

A while ago, I asked Ben if I could test out his new “Snake Skin” strings. he agreed and the conversation was forgotten. Then, after a dropped (And later revived) trade, he sent me two yoyos, and a three pack of SSS (like a snake). I have fallen in love lady and gentlemen.

First of all, I went to my post office to retrieve a package, when I arrived I tore into the box like a third grader on X-mas morn. I threw my two yoyos aside and grabbed the little cache of string. A modest three pack of “Original” string A colorway of Someday Bloody Sunday. I was so excited to get to try out his string that I nearly forgot about work. With a sad sigh, I put the contents of the package in my pocket and left for work.

Later, when I was able to break the string out, I discovered this. It rocks.

The string itself is a tiny tiny tiny bit thick, but that is no problem for this bulky fella.

On the first throw I could feel an amazing bonce to the string, I loved the feel of it.

I had heard Ben brag about the suicides on his string, so I decided to try it out. AND WOW!! He always said that the loop would open up awkwardly large, and he wasn’t kidding! I could instantly hit 3-5 suicides in a row with out a problem. He has the suicide formula DOWN. Now on to some string tricks. After a while I began to notice one really neat thing, very very little wear. I have been using it constantly for about 6 hours and it hasn’t even began to show signs of losing any tension holding capabilities, no fraying or anything.

All around this string is just, it’s just, it’s… Amazing. 10/10, I can easily tell you that I will be put on a list of “Usuals” to just keep getting this string. I love it. Thanks Ben for making some really great string.

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Good review. I always find that individual’s string is near always better than that of a company’s string.

I think i want some.

Thanks for the review Q! Glad you liked it!

I am not excepting orders at the moment, I just got one for 50 strings, haha.

No, thank you.
When you are done with Mike’s, I want a 50 pack of my style.
You know how I do!