Snake Skin Strings Review! (roar?)

Snake Skin Strings Review!

Umm… roar.

Finally! It took me a while to do this review because of the STAR tests that has been going on at my school, so finally! This string is a thicker format than the original Snake Skin String. So… HERE WE ROAR! (corny)

Out of the envelope:

Snake Skin Strings? More like Spiderman Strings! The string was a blue and red combination, and it really reminds me of Spiderman. What the Hey! This string is thick. So I pulled it out of the box and I was really happy because it was pretty long. I LOVE LONG STRINGS. ::slight_smile: The feel of this string is kind of cotton. It’s like the feel of brand new cotton string, but thicker, with some Polyester feel too. But you know what? This is 100% Polyester. It’s not really smooth, but still feels very nice. Hmm… no more stuff in the envelope? Owrayyt…


Out of all the strings I played with, this thing performed Slacks, Whips and Suicides the best. The loops that formed were like so nice that a truck could go past it. Suicides are a dream with these, the loops are humongous and gigantic, that they’re actually really scary. OMG, I did a chopstick suicide! First time ever, I’m so happy.  :’( It’s good for whips, but I don’t find them good for Under Whips. Well, they’re actually super good for Under Whips, except the yoyo just goes right up to my hand and I scream because of pain. I think this is because of it’s thick nature, which makes my Protostar slightly responsive. But you don’t need to worry about the Under Whip thing and the responsiveness, if you have a monster gapped yoyo, like a DV888 or BOSS. I tried doing fast-paced tricks with these, they are not bad, it just doesn’t feel right. Maybe the feel of a brand new Slick 6. So yeah, I would recommend this string if you have a yoyo that has a gigantic gap like the DV888 or BOSS, because if your yoyo has a smaller gap, there might be chances that the yoyo will hit your face.  :smiley: But the best part is, the string tension. It holds them really good.

For OffString Play? Hah!

When I tried to wind this string on my BigYo then played with it, I screamed. Nah. I was really amazed by how this thing played in OffString. This is where the thickness of this string comes to life. It just plays unbelievably well, it’s crasy good at OffString. WOW. Whip Catches were like, Fruit Salad man… It’s soo amazing. Also, because of the thickness, it increased the response of my BigYo, which is cool, because I needed more response on my BigYo.  I don’t even know what to say now…

Here are the pictures.


The yellow one is YYS 100% Polyester Strings, the Blue/Red one is Snake Skin Strings, the green one is Angel Hair.

Snake Skin String’s Texture.

Pros and Cons:


  • Whipper/Slacker/Suicider Master.
  • Offstring Master.
  • Holds tension really well.


  • Not good if you have a smaller gapped yoyo.

Overall, I would recommend this OffString play, also in 1A, if you have a bigger gap.

That was my review, I hope you enjoyed it. Man, it’s a really long review. PM Born2YoYo to buy some of his cool strings!

Please leave any comment and it will be appreciated.

That’s the end of my review, have a goo day to everyone.

Thanks Vivo! These strings are reccomended to be used with yoyos with “C” sized bearingis only.

I used it on my Protostar, which has a “C” sized bearing. Oooooh! :smiley:

Maybe the Protostar just didn’t have a larger gap.

Or maybe my string is just too big haha. I may take it down to 7 threads then, thanks for the feedback.

No, don’t! It’s the perfect Offstring string!

i got it!
make certain string for offsting!

So… You are making strings for Offstring now? Lol.

Never would of thought of that xD
Yeah, its now for offstring.
Thanks again Vivo!

lol snakes don’t roar vivo ;D

anyway good review

No, it’s because the snake is beast like that.

Nah, I was actually going to put “Meow”. Or “Moo”.