Snagged a general yo majesty

Happen to grab one of the last majesty’s on another website. So stoked! God I cannot wait to see this beast come already!!!

Its a nice yoyo, but I like my KLR a wee bit better.

Having a Majesty and a KLR would be nice though, I wish I could get a Majesty for trade without having to lose my KLR…

I almost don’t want to throw it when it gets here. I am crazy like that. Out of all of my throws I only have one pin prick on my genesis and it drives me nuts! Ha at least my throws will hold their value, even if I never play on getting rid of them.

Can you pm the website

OK, I’ll be the such-and-such. I know I’m not the only person thinking this:

If you’re not planning on selling them, and you don’t even like playing them for risk of damaging them… then they actually have not just zero value, but negative value! Obsessing over their condition is “driving you nuts” (so, negative mental energy), and they cost money (negative impact on your financials), you do not plan on recovering that money (and very few will even sell for their new price anyhow)…

The only way to make a net positive out of this is to get true pleasure out of just looking at them!!

I exaggerate… I know you actually DO throw them, so my points are intentionally a bit cartoonish… but seriously, man! These are toys! It breaks my heart to hear of people not just hucking them around and having fun!

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I agree, when i got my essence i told myself that i was going to use and it would not just sit on a shelf and i do, it is the only yoyo that i do thumb grinds on. In fact i will go throw it right now.

Sniff, I was about to get that one…

Dis yoyo is dabes.

There is still one left:). Oh and I play with all of my throws. Just over carpet. When I go outside I take the plastics. I like keeping my throws in perfect condition, and I am never going to sell them, just my personal preference.

Thats good of you to do. Cause who knows, MAYBE one day youll wanna trade one of your throws.