Smoother yoyo


Is there smoother yoyo than Battosai?
Size,price,etc… Doesn’t matter


Not really an answerable question. Even within the same model there are going to be yoyos that are smoother than others.

But generally the answer is yes. There are plenty of yoyos out there with potential to be completely smooth.


what are those?


I have plenty of yoyos as smooth as my Battosai. Skywalker, Equilateral, Phenom, Anglam, my OD’s, my CLYW’s, my G-Squared, my Royale… KLR, Essence, VOID, Superstar. TFL, 4XL, Solaris… too many.

Price, size, etc, didn’t matter. The yoyos speak for themselves.


which is the smoothest?


They are all about the same.

A good, clean bearing and a strong, straight throw will do amazing things for the smoothness of a yoyo spinning.

I find unless the vibe distracts from playability, I don’t worry about it too much. Fun is more important than smooth. Plus, with a little vibe, I can feel it on the string better.

Just my take on things.


agree with studio42 ^

there is no smoothest yoyo because even yoyos of the same model vary slightly in “vibyness”

hear is a list of companies that are know for making smooth yoyos: onedrop, spyy, general yo (forgive me if I forgot one.)

hear is a list of dead smooth yoyos I have tried: burnside, code 2, capless, code 1, pro, yyj solid spin axle, spinfaxtor x, KLR, genesis, and the list goes on

Important note: a onedrop 10ball or a twisted trifecta can make a yoyo with minor vibe dead smooth! I prefer the trifecta for the string centering. IMO the OD 10ball is 0.00001% smoother on every tenth throw.