Smooth yet long spinning yoyos?


So I recently got my hands on a Summit, and it was the smoothest thing I have ever played. Are there any yoyos like this, and are also long spinning? It was jsut so floaty and nice, and I want a yoyo like that. Able to float, spions long, but also at your own speed






Irony JPX


So are you implying these are mutually exclusive qualities?


None, you will never find a yoyo that is smooth, and will spin long. As of now they do not exist


I’m saying that I want both. The only reason I say that is because the yoyo i tried was dead smooth, but didn’t spin as long as I expected.
Thanks for the answers guys, I’ll check them out. Any others?


if you like czm8 then this




How does it paly compared to CZM8? If it’s just as light feeling plus it spins longer/smoother I would love it, or maybe a bit stabler




That Summit may need maintenance, then. What spin time would you like and what times were you getting with the Summit?




Not mine. I know that iot was mint though, and I remember the couple hours that I tried it I was half surprised that it spun no longer than my CZM8 did

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Mm, might just be your throw then. I could get a Summit to sleep for 5 minutes easy with the pinch the string/twist technique.


That’s waht I was thinking, it’s probably just me


Probably the T1 by one drop - it still seems a bit large to me tho… :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley:



Found it, looks pretty nice

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C3yoyodesign BTH. :smiley: