Smoked Deviled Eggs

A little twist on a classic. Hard-boiled then cold smoked for 40min with hickory. Yolk mix with mayonnaise, sriracha, worcestershire, mustard, touch of honey. Topped with candied bacon (cayenne & brown sugar), fried onions, smoked spanish paprika, quick pickled red pepper as it needed an acid for balance imho.

Ain’t nobody got time for that… but they’re good.

Also while you’re at it hard-boiling eggs, make enough for some egg salad sammiches!


Bacon on deviled eggs?

WTF have I been missing out on in life!

They look delicious!


i just ate, and i’m hungry


Story of my life! :sweat_smile:


I don’t really care for bacon. I don’t even think about deviled eggs. I don’t care for schirachi.
Smoked foods don’t do much for me. I don’t even remember ever liking Worcestershire sauce.
Cayenne peppers are never on my dream list. A no vote on the pickled pepper.

…That blunt honesty revealed; leads me to one more statement>>>

I would most certainly be willing to try a few of those Smoked deviled eggs!

They just ‘Look the Business’.

No kidding.

Twisted like a corkscrew.

But sometimes the very best things are outside of a persons’ comfort zone.



Rub thick cut bacon down with brown sugar and cayenne on both sides. Bake @400 in a sheet pan until they’re where you want them. So good.

I was the kid that scraped out the yuk yellow, then sprinkled the whites with salt and pepper. Much better that way. Then an aunt didn’t just whip the yolks she added pickles. I could stomach those. So if I’m keeping that liquid chicken yellow in there, it has to have accoutrements! I’m thinking lemon zest as the red pepper might work? :wink: