what did you have for breakfast?


im really bored today…

i had a filipino food call ensaymada for breakfast. what about you guys?


bran flakes with raisins


Two Pop Tarts, a glass of milk, and a bunch of grapes. The only Pop Tarts I’ll eat are the strawberry ones with the frosting on them. I won’t eat them without the frosting, I won’t eat any other flavor, and they MUST be toasted or I won’t eat them. :slight_smile:



(M.DeV1) #5

honey bunches of oats and a piece of toast with nutella.


Bacon, a nectarine, and some juice!!! Delicious!!


Yogurt with granola on top. And water.

(YoYo_Freak) #8

I generally don’t eat breakfast. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Jei Cheetah) #9


All of you.

(DOGS) #10

I forget. Will update tomorrow.


Cap’n Crunch Crunch Berries. Awesome cereal. ;D

(Jei Cheetah) #12


(M.DeV1) #13



I had some grapes.


Fruit bowl.


Coffee. Pretty much the same thing I have most days.



For some reason water is a big no-no for me at breakfast. I don’t know what it is about water, but i can’t eat it with breakfast.
I had organic Optimum cereal, It’s like chewing wood chips. I’m such a hippy…


more like a hippO… geddit?

(YoYo_Freak) #19

Orange juice, eggs, sausage, and french toast. My mom made breakfast because there are people here.


haha that’s always the best :slight_smile: