food that sounds nasty but tastes awesome!


i was surprised today. my dad bought this nasty sounding “yam sesame seed pumpkin seed wheat germ seaweed” chinese “cereal”. I was like “YUCK! NASTY!” than i tried it. you should have seem the surprised look on my face! also a bacon and nutella covered hotdog wrapped in a pancake is really good! no joke! whats some nasty sounding tasty stuff you guys had?






Donut burger.
A donut halved for the bun, egg, bacon, and cheese on the inside.

Sashimi. It’s actually pretty good drowned in soy sauce and ginger.


agreed to both of those. i made my self a donut breakfast sandwich before with a normal sugar donut.


Oysters on the half shell!!!



(George Wollaston) #8



what is it and how does it taste like?


Also purple yam ice cream (ube ice cream) cheese ice cream, and avocado ice cream is good! (All are Filipeno)




Also balut, a Filipino delicacy/street food which is pretty much a fertilized duck embryo boiled and served in the shell.


im filipeno and i still dont like it :frowning:


Tsk Tsk. :stuck_out_tongue:


Peanut butter and mayonnaise sandwich.