Culinary adventures

So I did it, I tried some Pho and it’s good, I didn’t try the tripe but it’s a start lol!

What have you guys wanted to try but haven’t?


Add some surströmming to your list, Jeff


I’ve had some fantastic culinary adventures with ramen noodle packets.


Pho is dank :call_me_hand:t2:

I want to try some legit ramen


Tripe isnt bad. Just odd texture. You should definitely give it a try once you feel comfortable with it!

I want to diversify food I can cook. I make stir fry type foods and pizza, but would like to get better with sandwiches and more large cuts of meat (steaks, chicken breast, so on).

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Pot Noodle

Personally I like to cook but I don’t think I’m good at it.

This one time I was making mashed potatoes for my family and guess what

The only thing my mom was worrying about were The Pickles

The smell of surströmming is so incredibly strong that opening a can is always done underwater.

If you were to open a can in a room out of water, the smell is so strong and indestructible, that it will never leave the room.

No joke.

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Sounds… dank, as the Californians say.

Seriously though, why is this a thing? Were people really that desperate for food?

It always amazes me what people eat and drink that is obviously foul and they say, ‘Yeah… not bad… Let’s make it a thing!’

That pho rubbish sound like something straight from Statan’s rear.

Edit: I meant Casu marzu, not pho.

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I think I would try the Casu Marzu although it sounds pretty full on. I am rather partial to really strong French cheeses which smell a bit like something is rotting. Man the thought of that must blow the minds of those of you who live in the US, especially with your anti-good cheese laws :wink:

oi i’m not an american but dont you dare insult Kraft singles!

waves fist angrily


Yea, there are so many good cheeses out there that I would like to try, but we have to ruin the fun and pasteurize everything. We do have some pretty strong smelling cheeses here, but I know that it isnt the same. The Gruyere cheese in Switzerland was so much different than the stuff we get in our stores that it isnt even the same cheese imo.

At least (as far as I know), the imported Stilton we get is the same.

To be completely honest though, I don’t think I could eat Casu Marzu. The one consolation of nasty smelling cheeses is that they wont make you sick. Casu Mazu can, and imo makes it inedible waste.

I was about to say!!

Legit Ramen is delicious. Surprisingly three REALLY good authentic Ramen joints in Tucson.

Tripe is amazing. Can’t have a good Menudo without it. My tia in Sonora makes the best. Takes 36 hours.

I will eat any canned meat or any cheese that is put in front of me, IDC.


The USA can get some raw cheeses. We actually had to eat some really strange stuff.

Kangaroo, is really red meat.

Making Posole right now. Blended all the chilies and did all my mis en place last night. Threw it all in the slow cooker this morning. Should have a perfect out-of-season dinner right at 5pm.

Pork shoulder right?

Usually but spare ribs were on sale, so I cut them in half length-wise, then cut them at the bone for good chunks.

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