~The Sandwich Thread~

What’s your favorite thing between two slices of bread?

Just finished making (and devouring) this deliciousness:

Turkey, ham, sharp cheddar, swiss, mayo alt., and Iceberg lettuce on wheat with a side of potato chips and a tall cup of milk.

A good rueben can make my week.

Rueben sandwich is best sandwich.

Since pizza is an open-faced sandwich,Mac and Cheese pizza

That’s cheating :o

Alfalfa sprouts and a bit of mayo, between two slices of whole grain. my heaven.
^ ^

Turkey, ham, etc apples

5-cheese grilled cheese

My favorite is a Mikes Way Classic Italian from Jersey Mikes. Such an amazing sandwich. I also love Philly Cheese Steaks. My neighborhood Itialian joint makes a grilled caprice panini. Also one of my favs.

Peanut butter and fluff.
Meatball sandwich.

I love pastrami sandwiches from the kosher deli we go too with rye bread it is down right tasty!

Also one of my faves is tofu and ham.
Use yogurt instead of mayo and its a really nice and unique flavor.

Oh man… changes from week to week…

DiRienzo’s spicy italian on crusty roll, with whatever toppings you want but you gotta have the spicy eggplant on it.

Grilled cheese sammich secrets:
a) whatever cheese blend you use, make at least one a characterful cheese like Gruyere (10-20%)
b) mayo on the outside instead of butter or margarine. Crisps the bread nicer and tastes lighter
c) on the INSIDE of one half, a thin swipe of hot mustard (or dijon if you’re in a pinch)

Philly Cheese Steak…
Beef au jus…

I know, I know… I’m supposed to say just one, but sangwiches rule!

Grilled cheese. Classic. Comfort.

The best thing I’ve ever eat on bread though, is a spread made from garlic roasted in the oven until it gets that creamy texture, and then whip it into a spread with lots of parmesan and olive oil.

Philly Cheese Steak, Meatball, Tuna, Pastrami, and Roast Beef with Au Ju Sauce are the best.

A meatball sandwich is always good.

Also, I would like to bring up an important subject. Is a hot dog a sandwich? I think so, but a lot don’t.

White bread, Avocado, Swiss or sharp cheddar cheese and BACON!

I love blank sandwiches

Yes, a weiner is just a miniature baloney after all.


Swiss chard wrap, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, red bell pepper, cashew ‘cheeze’, dehydrated nut burger, spinach, arugula, and sprouted lentils

If you couldnt tell, i dont eat meat or cheese ha :wink:

THANK YOU. Somebody who understands…