What sandwich do you guy's like to eat

This is not a “get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich joke”.

Personally I love anything with Ham and Lettuce.
Nutella itself
Peanut Butter and J
And Eggs + Ham + Others.

What I dislike

Tomato’s [ I mean one every now and then is fine but when you put 5 slices of tomatos it’s more like a salad…

Italian Herb & Cheese





Green Peppers

Banana Peppers

Jalapeno Peppers


Purple Onions


Oil & Vinegar

Salt & Pepper

That’s the Sub I always get with my Brother.

And yeah I feel you about the Tomatoes. I don’t like how watery they are, it makes it taste watered down.

I often eat alfalfa sprout sandwiches. Nothing to it really, bread, a very tiny amount of mayo, and a whole bunch of alfalfa sprouts in the center. Nothing else. All on whole wheat bread.
Love it.

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Shredded Cheese
Italian Bread

rye bread

YUM! I also like puting morning star stuff in my sandwhiches

Really anything as long as it has a fair amount of lettuce… JUST NO TOMATOES. (and toasted)

I also tend to not like turkey.

But Turkey’s where it’s at home boy!

You guys have different ranges haha.
I thought simple was good you guy’s go hard when it comes to making a sammich.
Cheese + ham + Turkey <3

Avocado, Sprouts, Purple Onion, Swiss Cheese, a Little Tomato and Mayo on Wheat or Sour Dough. (I’m from California :slight_smile: )

A Monte Cristo. Nothing like a deep fried Ham and Cheese sammich! By no means am I a vegetarian :smiley:

Cannibal Sandwich!

Anyone else eat one of these?

Raw ground round on rye with onion salt and pepper. Just make sure the meat you are eating is safe because it is raw.

Or. Grilled Cheese with pepper jack

Italian Herb and Cheese or Onion Roll


Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Jalapeño Peppers

Spicy Mustard


Philly Chease Steak



Any melt

Burgers (Cheese burgers, turkey burgers, whatever)

Pulled Pork

Grilled Chicken


Peanut butter

Peanut butter & Nutella

Hot dogs (do those count as a sandwich?)

Sloppy Joes

Gyro’s (do those count as a sandwich?)

Cuban finger sandwiches (those ones you get at partys)

Grilled Cheese (sometimes with bacon)

I dunno…I don’t really eat sandwiches very often.

If I’m just making a sandwich at home, I’ll use whatever we have.
So usually just like ham/turkey slices with cheese (usually White Chedar, Colby Jack, or Swiss) on a toasted bun.

My favorite cheeses are Havarti and Swiss. So if those are an option, I’ll take it. But Havarti is expensive.

I had a burger the other day from Burger King (which was weird because my family never eats out, and never eats Fast Food unless we’re on a trip), and it had pickles on it, and that was cool. I didn’t know I enjoyed pickles on burgers. I probably wouldn’t put them on intentionally, though.

The one my wife feeds me! :wink: Kidding aside, my wife can make the same sandwich that I do, and her’s will taste better! I guess she’s just sweeter than me, or something. Anyway, now she makes the sandwiches(works for me).

I like sandwich’s the size of skyscrapers.


Doesn’t matter whats on it, if its good, i eat it.

Hot pastrami on rye:
Rye bread
Swiss cheese
Brown mustard
Rye bread
And all of that is put on a paninini and griled.

Wheat bread
Win sauce (Mayo+tapatio+yellow mustard)
Bolagna/ turkey
More win sauce
Wheat bread

Those are my sandwhiches in order of how you make them.

I swear one day I’ma make an Epic meal time Sandwich.
It’s gonna be deep fried in batter and then bacon stripped with LOADS of stuff.

Anything created by Females

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roast beef
cheddar cheese
jack cheese
a LITTLE mayo
bread and butter pickles
white bread


Now go sing me a sandwich.