Do you like it?


I love cheese.

I like to cheese in video games and…

I like cheesing (aka Smiling)

Do you mean Cheese from Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends? Then yes

I’m more of a charving guy myself. (Please, somebody get this reference.)

Yes my favorite cheese is smoked cheddar and pepperjack!

It my favorite food! Go gouda!

i love cheese

Om nom nom.

I like chucking cheese at people.

Cheese is amazing.

At Chuck E. Cheese…I do it too
Power to the Blue cheese!

Cheese. I like Cheese. But the cheeses I don’t like are pepperjack and blue >.<

aw pepper jack is like my favorite lol!

I hate plain cheese but I really love it when I have cheese on pizza and burgers!

oh yeah! Pizza is soooooo goooooooood!

I like to put cheese on my baked potatoes.

Throw the CHEESE!!!

I love cheese. I am also from Wisconsin, so any cheese I have had is already 400 times better than any cheese non-Sconnies have had. Sorry guys, that is just how it works.