(Jei Cheetah) #1

How do you like them,

Mods, I was actually serious about that last post that got deleted, just curious how people like eggs.
Lay off.


For me, scrambled with spam. Sooo good.


hard boiled,
or a cheese omelet.


scrambled :smiley:


Over easy with hot sauce and bacon.


Scrambled with cottage cheese also like em boiled.


Oooooooo yeah, sounds good!


I never would’ve guessed. :wink:


I like them scrambled. I never thought of putting spam in them, that sounds good.

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #9

I like a good omlet. :smiley:


Sunny side up + ketchup.


Scrambled with cheese and Ketchup/hot sauce(mild)


Scrambled w bacon bits and hot sauce.


Scrambled eggs with butter, cheese, and sliced up bacon. This mix also makes a great sandwich.

(Raphael) #14

Raw in a blender with nails


Raw? I like em rotten.

(DOGS) #16

Scrambled, little bit of cheese and salsa.



(DOGS) #18

with the shell

(DOGS) #19

just bite it like it’s a fruit or something


I prefer my chicken abortions scrambled.

Normally, I prefer my eggs matured and then turned into fried chicken.