The "what are you havin for dinner?" thread


For those of you who like to eat, but get bored of your usual selection, this is your go to place for meal ideas

Post anything your eating, plan to eat or what just sounds that good, and to make it interesting, you can rate the meal above you

I’ll start: tonight I’m having homemade tacos with Spanish rice and fresh retried beans


im hoping pizza hut


I had a hot dog, apple sticks, and hash bowns. Mmmm…

(Jei Cheetah) #4

Crab rissoto, sauteed and battered calamari, pan seared salmon with mango salsa, served with a side of edamame bean salad. Probably a glass of lemon Iced tea as well.


Looks like someone knows how to cook ::slight_smile:


Beef pot roast with mashed potatoes and gravy


Bean soup…

Is there really this little interest in food?




10 piece nuggets from McDonalds…BBQ sauce.


Some of these scare me.


The grass is what’s for dinner

(Raphael) #12

Maybe food


Brahtwherst and chips and an orange soda.


easy mac for a snack then taco bell later…

btw (college students listen up) did you know that will automatically send you easy mac once a month with out you lifting a finger?.. best idea ever!!!


italian wedding soup and mashed potatoes

(Jei Cheetah) #16

Terriyaki Salmon, broccoli with miso sauce over rice seasoned with furikake.
With a side of Miso soup.

(Raphael) #17

Sounds amazing!


Baked chicken, green beans and ham, fryed potatoes, And peanut butter cookies. (I made the cookies) ;D




Chicken parmesan
i cant spell parmesean, so I wont try