Smashing YoYo Company

(Jordan Blofeld) #1


Hi! I’m Jordan and I run the Smashing YoYo Company.

We’re super excited to have our yoyos on YoYoExpert as it’s always been our dream. I met Andre with Roland (aka SLVRANDBLK) in Chicago this year and he’s just as great as you’d expect him to be in person.

Pleasure to meet you all, here are some photos of yoyos we made for you to enjoy. Let us know what you think.

We don’t just make yoyos though, check out our YouTube channel where we store the UK contest freestyles and make videos of players who aren’t always on our team (but are also awesome in their own way).








(Mk1 Yoyos) #2

The float is so good. Excited to see you here!

({John15}) #3

Hey man! Glad to see you here!

(Jordan Blofeld) #4

Thank you! I think Bergy hit the nail on the head with the Float! Very proud of that one!

(Jordan Blofeld) #5

Thank you!


May I ask a question? What is up with… the pip?

I have one and my reaction to it is best summed up by this image


(Jordan Blofeld) #7

Ha. That is the point. It was just supposed to be a weird yoyo project I did with a friend who designed it. He showed me the renders and I thought it looked so stupid, I had to help make it so we worked on that asap. It’s really good for helping with accuracy and form since it’s so slim, but more forgiving than a responsive slim like a Walter.

I really liked it because other slims I’d owned before like the TRVTH suffered from high wall snag problems. The wall inside the pip is undercut so that doesn’t happen as much. It’s not groundbreaking tech, but at least an interesting result.

As you can see here, it’s capable enough in the right hands

(Jordan Blofeld) #8

We just added a new player and you know who he is already!


@chaosgow Have you considered hosting more pictures of each of your throws? The ones in the Smashing YoYo museum are beautiful, but I’d love to have access to more “clinical” pictures like the ones found in the YYE store too. Both for preservation purposes and enabling my BST/after-market research.

(Jordan Blofeld) #10

I have considered light box photos before, and I have some but it’s not my style. I like taking a nice photo and calling it it a day. I take a lot of time over those photos as it’s one of my other hobbies. Every yoyo we’ve ever made has at least 1 photo on instagram in every colourway, so it’s easy to research. I’m also known to answer emails you submit through the site quickly if you need any help.

We used to have individual pages with pictures of each colourway for our yoyos in the museum page but I didn’t think it added any value while adding a lot of extra bloat to the website. I will reevaluate it and we’ll see how it goes.

(Jordan Blofeld) #12

Went to Spain again for nationals this year and got to hang out with Daniel from SoSerious yoyos. We made a video together, I hope you like it!


Where in :uk:?

(Jordan Blofeld) #14

I’m based in the south east (Brighton). But we have players across Europe and the Americas.


Ah… thanks!

(Jordan Blofeld) #16

Are you from the UK? There’s a contest in Brighton on the 24th and it’s gonna be a HUGE one.


I’m not in England right now, otherwise I would go… :slightly_frowning_face:

(Jordan Blofeld) #18

NRC in April (ish) and Nats in June, plenty to see. Look forward to meeting you one day!


You too!

(Jordan Blofeld) #20

New video went up yesterday. Colours

(Jordan Blofeld) #21

I’ve started adding bind tutorials to IGTV. I dropped 12 yesterday and I’ll be dropping one each day until new years. It’ll be a repository of all the binds I know, even if they kinda repeat themselves, they’ll have some variation. Enjoy