New Release from Smashing YoYos! The Bounce!


Smashing yo-yo company is a British company started by Jordan Blofeld as a way yo give back to the people and community that made him feel so welcome over the years. We are thrilled to bring their latest release here to YoYoExpert – The BOUNCE!

Bounce-Purple-1 Bounce-Purple-2

The Smashing design philosophy focuses on minimal design, great play and a yo-yo you can beat up. We didn’t feel it necessary to test the durability on such a beautiful new yo-yo, but if the performance is any indicator we’re sure it’s going to be top notch!


The Bounce is the first budget model from Smashing. It’s a comfortable full sized yo-yo with a fast and easy to control feel in play. The wide set profile and thick rims distribute the weight perfectly to give it a powerful spin and plenty of stability with a nice presence on the string. Big, stable, fast and bouncy, this yo-yo is perfect for 1a and 3a!

FRIDAY 11/2 @ 8PM EDT!


Looks a bit like an updated Poppet?

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The description has ** instead of Jordan Blofeld’s name

haha thanks for pointing that out. Had that there as a place marker while I checked spelling, could have sworn I updated it though… :man_facepalming: