Smart Shop Genesis

I picked up a two-tone Genesis at RI States off of some kid for $20. This thing had VIIIBE, tons of it and a stripped axle with a near dead bearing. The response wore out and I didn’t have flowable handy, but I knew this would be the start of a great throw. The rims were very unprofessionally rawed by the previous owner so I sent it off to yoyospirit. He equipped it with a spiked axle (for martadon) and did a free sili job. Lastly he re-rawed the rims and satined it, I threw in a good bearing now it’s nearly vibe free and is my best throw playwise. So for a total of $25 I got an amazing throw that retails for $80~100, shows what smart shoppers can do ;D

It also shows that yoyospirit is incredible at what he does. :smiley:

I also picked up that mirror polished quark he had.

man…i owned that quark at one point. when it was blue…

it’s mirror polished now and what a fine throw it is. The only undersized yoyo I like.

Thanks! And glad you like it! I love the Markmont! And the axle being glued in might have helped.