Small cheap yoyo

im looking for a small cheap yoyo that i can take places that wont take up alot of space and wont be very noticable on my clip.

And also plays well

define “cheap”

Under $20

The Lyn Fury, Kickside, and Speedmaker all fit the bill.

cool thanks

You sould spend $22 and get a journey I mean legacey. It’s not small though.

the journey is $15

Pocket Change!

Shipping? :wink:

thats what i was thinking too

I meant legacy. Sec i’ll change it.

Flying Squirrel

DIE-NASTY is awesome!!!

Ummm, Imperial? only 3 bucks and takes up no room what so ever :wink:

FHZ is kinda small and cheap

57mm is small?