slipping slipknot problem


I am working on a new combo. Trying to be creative ;D
But i keep getting the same problem that my slipknot moves on my Throwhand finger. It is very annoying and I miss the trick because of this slipping. Sometimes it is so bad that the slipknot ends up on top of my TH-finger (it basically doe a 180) on my finger.
I use Kitty. Is there anything I can do about it? perhaps a special secret slipknot :wink:

It don’t have this issue with other tricks.

Any tips will be much appreciated.

Here ya go:



thanks I’ll give that a try. i figured out method 1 by myself, but still keeps turning.

Thanks for the tip :wink:

when you tie the loop for the slipknot, make the loop sort of on the big side (at least the size of a quarter) It will help remedy the issue.

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NOICE. I always make sure to put the loop side on the out side of my throw finger. So say if I’m throwing right handed I make sure the loop is on the right side of my middle finger and that seems to do the trick fer me. These are pretty legit though. Imma try them out.

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