Slip Knot Problem

Hey guys, I have a problem with my slip knot. No matter how much I tighten it around my finger it seems to rotate around my finger when I try to do the trick Breath (rethinkyoyo). I have it so that the double side of the slip knot faces left. Should it be the other way around?


it says looping but its a good idea for any style.

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Thanks. I wonder why its rotating then…

Maybe put it on the other way just to see what happens. Or maybe you fixed loop is too big. Try making a smaller initial loop to make the slip knot.

I have always put it on the right and it never rotates.

Yeah I put it the other way and it seems to be better.

So Maybe it is the other way. Thanks guys!

What kind of string are you using? Some of the strings made for whips (like Angel Hair) are very slippery on the finger. I’ve found that doing a double loop around your finger solves the problem.

Just 100% Poly from YYE. I’ll look into the double thing.

it might be because you have the double on the left. if your right handed, having the double on the left will allow the string to loosen, but if you have the double on the right, when you pull the slip knot will tighten.

Loosening and tightening like that will depend on where the strings are pulling in relation to which side the “double string” is on the slipknot.