Slicing Strings

I’ve been playing with my TiShutter for awhile and recently it has been acting odd. So far it has cut down the middle of the loop of 3 different strings. Any help?

Does there appear to be any damage or markings around the outside of the bearing seat/ gap?

Also, my TiMe is a little bit rougher on some strings than others. For instance: it chews up some 100% poly blends really fast but a nylon 1.5 has a fairly normal duration. Lesson: try another type of string.

That appears to be in the vicinity of the edge of the bearing. Check for roughness there, or even looseness, as the string slipping between the bearing and the sidewall will cut it quickly. Do you keep it well tightened? It doesn’t take much for the string to slip in there and get cut. The Anti-yo eetsit is a good example. The bearing seat was just enough off on many of them that the string would get cut between the bearing and the sidewall quite regularly.

Will try another string! Any nylon ones you recommend?

Okay, I do keep it fairly tight and I haven’t noticed any roughness

if possible could you post a pic of the inside area around response pad so we could see up close both halves?

Not really completely nylon but kitty nylon 1.5 are specifically what worked for me. I believe the poly that it was shredding was kitty fat… I’m not 100% positive on that though.

What jbh said though is important, there is obviously something that is wrong that can more than likely be fixed or minimized. Even the smallest marks or gap can make a big difference.

Sounds like the brushed finish is a little too rough near the bearing. I refinished my Ti Dream and noticed slight wear on the string down near the loop but not enough to break it. You either need to smooth out/polish that area, or replace string more often.

Will post some photos!

How would I smooth it? Also I can’t really replace it as it snaps the loop every 2 hours of casual play.

Then change it every hour instead of waiting til it snaps…

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I would guess some kind of polishing compound outside the response area would do it, but I’ve never polished titanium. I know people have worn down rough blasted finishes around the response area with the back side of a leather belt on aluminum.

Rub the entire area around the bearing seat with a piece of leather (like a leather belt) It will smooth the surface and stop the string cutting.

My shutter done this so I switched to kitty fat or ammo