String snapping

My genesis’s got some scratches on the wall when i was trying to get the bearing out using a pliers. Now it causes string snapping. i used sandpaper but it didn’t get better. Anyone know how to fix it?

Try using finer sandpaper. Can you post pictures so we can see how bad the scratches are?

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Where is the string snapping? You may just need to give it a good long rub-down with some denim.

What kind of pliers did you use and how did you remove it?

Consider investing in a bearing puller.

the string snap right at the position i open the loop to put on the bearing

Then it’s probably not surface roughness. Unless you are using cotton string maybe you have a bad batch of string. Never heard of anything other than cotton snapping like that at the string loop.

Unless the string is catching between the bearing and the shell. That could cause it to snape easily. Inspect your bearing seat and make sure it is all ok.

When i position the pliers on the bearing, i was a bit sloppy and leave the area near the bearing seat some scratches. My brother said they are unoticable, but cause string snapping when spinning in highspeed

Well, when I got my soda blasted Agape, it cut strings. I talked to the guy who makes them and he said I should rub down the edges of the seats with some denim(or another durable fabric can be used to be an abrasive). I did so, by wrapping it the denim around a socket bit that i attached to a drill, and in a few minutes, it was fine. Hasn’t broken a string since.

The concept: Just because you can’t VISUALLY see the damaged doesn’t mean you didn’t do some damage. Clearly, you have by accident and now I think the best bet is to rub down any possible edges with canvas, denim or even steel wool. I think the fabric methods will be the most productive as they won’t be as abrasive.

It may be unnoticeable, but your strings seem to think differently. Your hands are tied. You’ll need to do something or you’re gonna run out of strings fast!

Sounds like you may have nicked the string zone with the pliers. The cut is on the side, correct? Is there any vibe?
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