Sleeping sunsets

How come my Sunsets won’t sleep… I can barely get them to sleep, but they will never sleep if I throw it hard or do around the world.


I wrote the following assuming the yo-yo did not sleep at the end of the string even with proper technique. I don’t intend to be mean, but I do want to cover all of my bases. If they sleep when dropped, I would suggest for you to develop your technique and break in the o-rings.

I don’t want to say one way or another if the yo-yo is malfunctioning or not. It may be the toy, it may not.

What color are they? My white ones didn’t have a wide enough gap…

But check that the strings are looped only once around the axle, check that the bearings spin, and look at the response rings.

As for the o-rings, make sure they are not cut up. You may want to 1- shave them with a razor 2- pull them out and rub them on sandpaper to break them in or 3- replace them with flowable silicone.

Otherwise, find the packaging and get a contact number for YoYoJam to troubleshoot further.


I’ve had em for awhile but I just started sleeping after this post… fail! I loosened it a little and kept using and slowly tightening untill I got it all the way tight and it sleeps now… just got to break in the other one.