Sleeper tilting Problem

I just got a kk bearing for the first time along with some brass shims. After replacing the original yyj stock bearing, I thought the yoyo was incredibly smooth and the string appeared to be directly in the middle of the bearing too, reducing all the vibrations. However, I just noticed something really strange when throwing sleepers. Even if the sleeper thrown is perfect (I practise my throw a lot to make it straight), the yoyo begins to tilt fairly early (as if it were dying out) compared to my old bearing which only started to tilt when the rpm of the yoyo was pretty low. I know the yoyo is still spinning really quickly because the binds are still very smooth and tight. The yoyo is still on the same axis when the tilting happens, but I basically have to re-adjust by body so the yoyo is parallel with me. Does anyone know why this happens and how to fix it? Is it because the kk bearing is new?

Thanks for the help

Well, it is probably tilting because of some imbalance. This happened to me and I tuned the axle and now it is straight again, so you should probably try that.

Could it be due to the caps? I recently took a cap off one side of the yoyo to learn thumb grinds. Would that weight distribution change cause tilting?

I heard that KonKave bearings arnt that good when you order it, but it is good when the bearing is already with a yoyo. Try putting some thin lube on. That might help.

where did you hear that? never had a problem with any of mine

no 1 cap in will not make that happen, maybe take out the shims and see if that helps, you can also try to re center your axle, there’s also the possibility that it could be your throw, if you keep playing with it and messing around i’m sure you’ll find the problem in no time