Sleeper & Double or nothing help?

I have a DM1 and no matter how hard i throw it, the yo yo never stays straight, the string is always trying to touch a side. is that fixed through practice or could i buy a special bearing to help keep it in the middle?

and i’ve been practicing Double or nothing for a while now and i still find it hard to land, is there any tips to practicing this trick? :wink:


So basicly, if you want a " special bearing " that will keep the string in the middle, i will recommend the Yoyofactory Center-Trac Bearing which can be seen here:

Or you if you want to spend a little more and get an even better bearing try this one:

Also when doing Double or nothing, keep practicing and watching a tutorial over and over again. When I did it before, i could never land it, but now i can. Practice makes perfect :wink:

A special bearing will not do much to help you. IMO it’s just a waste of money.

Practice make perfect.

As for DON, try it with a dead yoyo. It’s all about your spacing.

NO NO NO NO NO! No konkave bearing!

I learned 2-0 in a day, just do hardcore practice, when you dont land, extend/ shorten the string to the length in which you do land, you will get the feel for it eventually

so just keep working on keeping it straight?

and alright:D i can land it about 1/3…maybe 1/4 times. i’ll just keep it up :smiley:

You don’t need a special bearing.

You should work on your throw. If the yoyo is tipping slightly and the string is rubbing on the shell adjust your throw. First just observe the yoyo when you do a simple throwdown. If the body tends to tip one way, twist your wrist slightly the opposite direction. Repeat and adjust as needed. Then repeat the same with a sideways throw a few times. When that works to your satisfaction move on to the trapeze.

Then when you move on to other mounts and tricks practice keeping hands and string in the same plane. Meaning both hands aligned with the string and the yoyo as if it were all taking place in a pane of glass.

Double or nothing - work on landing the yoyo as close to your finger as possible. Part of double or nothing is hand spacing. That is highly dependent on string length and is a trial an error process to get it right.

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