Slade Riggs vs Jsell14 vs throwrw vs DByoyoer Vote NOW!!!!


Vote for your favorite!!! Last minute addition: DByoyoer

Slade Riggs





Get to votin!!


DByoyeor is in

(Owen) #4

a late entry is very fair for him…

because everybody has already voted


He submitted late.

(Owen) #6

Oh ok makes sense


He is right its my fault for summiting it late.

(Owen) #8

You could still win, you did a gooood job

(Alex Fairhurst) #9

Slade: Very fast, but it was all 1.5 stuff. I like the fact that your tricks are longer than the other ones. Also, figure 8 is cool, especially when seeing it in the middle of a combo like that.

Jsell: Ok tech. Kinda choppy. But you DID have GT suicides. Those get mass style points in my book. I don’t know why I just think they’re cool.

throwrw: Good tech, good flow, good speed. I like your style and really enjoyed the chopsticks.

Dbyoyoer: Almost as fast as Slade I think with a bit more variation in the elements. Very smooth and just good in general. I can tell you’ve practiced those combos a lot. Also, tower.

My vote goes to DByoyoer because of the speed mixed with variation. Slade was a close second.


@ Alex - I still wished that you could have made a video, you have some great skills as well. A good bit of the combo is 1.5 mount stuff but a bit more is mach5 based but it is hard to tell.

@ DByoyoer - That was pretty sick man, great stuff. Just need to smooth it out just a bit more. Love the combo though, great tech and the tower was a nice touch.


Thanks. I’ve been trying to work on getting smoother lately, but I guess I’ll have to work some more. :stuck_out_tongue:

I knew I didn’t really have a chance at winning, but it was good to do.

I really liked Slade’s video the best, though.


Meh, they were all pretty ok. I went with slade because he had the most originality. DB had some skills but I had seen most of that type of stuff before. Not an insult, just honest.






I really liked Slade’s entry. So smooth and perfected.