5A video battle, VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!




Slade Riggs

Big sorry from pudge34, he is very sick and couldn’t film today, please keep him your prayers.

Slade Riggs.

Johnny J seemed pretty tense, and had a few mistakes that messed up his flow.

YoRYAN and unclejemaya had some pretty smooth combos, but lacked diversity and difficult elements.

All of the entries were great, but Slade Riggs and YoRYAN stood out to me. I have never attempted 5A so I’m judging it based purely on entertainment factor. I gave my vote to YoRYAN. His whole routine was clean.


because hes cool

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Lol, i was ANYTHING but tense. I was totally making it up as i went along, i suck at 5A, and just did this for fun :slight_smile: The absolute last thing i was, was tense though.

I am amazed someone voted for me. I didn’t even vote for me.

Just cause the awesome conversation me and him had :smiley: it was to close otherwise.

And the cool thing is, I’m dead serious.

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i voted for johnny! thanks for the shout out at the end

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bumpity bump

UncleJemaya because he is cool and i feel bad for not trading him my skywalker.

Haha thank you!