Slack Takihoto's Trapeze

Prerequisite tricks:
1: Slack double or nothing:
2: Takihoto’s Trapeze (A.k.A Taka’s Trapeze)

The Steps:

1: Throw a trapeze
2: Pinch the string around your NTH with your thumb

3: Now, don’t do this, but think of it. When you do a slack double or nothing, you rotate your NTH clockwise (For right handers) or counter-clockwise (For left handers.) All the motion is for this trick is the reverse. So right handers rotate the yo-yo counter clockwise, and vice-versa for left handers.

4: The actual component for step 3 it this: bring your TH close to your NTH (which should be pinching the string) to create a slack. Then swing the Yo-Yo in the direction listed above. (To do the next step, you have to have the Yo-Yo at the zenith of this revolution.

5: With your TH, under cut the string about an inch below the Yo-Yo, then the Yo-Yo should land on the front string.

6: From here, pop the Yo-Yo up onto the back string, letting the front string go.

7: Repeat.

If you have ANY questions, you should PM me FIRST. If you have a comment to make, obviously make a comment below, but please, no hate.

(Final Note: If you were preceptive enough, you can do a pseudo-front string magic drop from this by simply having your TH in the magic drop position.)

The one who pwns-

***Note: You must use this specific form of Taka’s Trapeze in order to do the trick I am going to tell you about.