I just joined the dark brotherhood and i want some tips for better sneaking, and more consistent backstabs. Ive only done like one backstab even though i had like 10 contracts. Also i havent had any problem with sneaking but i feel like i will. any tips?

You can learn the Illusion spell (I think it is…) and use it over and over again and it makes your sneak more quiet since it raises your experience level. The more you do it, the better you will be.

I can’t think of what the spell is called… lol. I know someone will know what I’m talking about on here.

Double fist some decent blades. Then spend some time sneaking up on some Falmer. Don’t kill them, just wander about behind them. As they turn, turn with them. Job done.

Go to the graybeards and bring an iron dagger. Sneak up to one while they’re praying. Constantly attack, not power attack them. Sneak goes up so outrageously fast, you can get it to level 100 in 15-20 minutes. Fill up the perk tree until you’re content. Having enchantments on your gear helps a bit too.

This, but I would use a bow. It’s much easier to run away and not get caught. If your caught by a graybeard. Let’s just say it’s not pretty. Even worse if you kill one.

Plus, try out the Thieves guild. That rockets up your Sneak

Macho dragons. That is all.