skin the hamster

1 i just reminded myself about that trick and today i decide to learn it I am using that tutorial:
i learned that curling fingers easily but just after i got all the steps of the trick i noticed that i can actually do same motions without curling it, am i missing something ?

2 btw i got sometimes problem with that spec when you swing your yoyo counterclockwise around your nth starting with trapeze, any tips to complety avoid it ?

ad 2 just figure binding problem out u just have to get closer with th and nth then nth goes up double up and unwind once :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t have to curl your finger in at all. I don’t understand at all why rethink’s tutorial tells you to curl your finger in like that… It’s the same movement you’re doing in skin the gerbil, and you don’t curl your finger in when you do skin the gerbil, so I don’t get why it tells you to it in rethink’s tutorial…

The way I understood it, was that when you go to lindy loop and miss curling your finger will remove the xtra wrap. In skin the gerbil you don’t miss te lindy loop so you don’t have to curl your finger in.

tbh u miss one time in skin a gerbil nearly at the end, but still u can miss it without curling :stuck_out_tongue: thats rly strange :smiley:

Ok yea I forgot about that. But in skin gerbil your missing to the outside and all the tuts I’ve seen for the hamster are missing inside. This is why there is a need for the finger curl to remove the extra loop.