Skin the hamster!!!!


So I’ve been working on skin the hamster. I’m having trouble dismounting from the first lindy loop. When you dismount and curl your finger then roll again to get into the trapeze I always end up with 2 wraps around my finger what am I doing wrong???


dont curl your finger whatsoever… Keep it straight, do it the same as in skin the gerbil taught by andre.


Ok cool I was watching the tut by rethink


Watched the tutorial by ReThink and they’re not exactly the same trick. Hence the different name I guess. :wink:


Well I know skin the gerbil…but skin the hamster looks a lil longer


Sorry if I led some confusion. When I said do it the same as in skin the gerbil by andre I meant just the part your having trouble with. They are 2 different tricks but the part where you are having trouble with on skin the hamster should be done the same as in skin the gerbil. For some reason on rethink they tell you to curl your finger but that isn’t necessary.


Ok cool. I thought that was what you ment. Cause everytime I curl my finger just get a wrap that won’t let’s dismount