Skin the hamster/gerbil type tricks

Just looking for a new trick to learn, so i figured id like to know another trick like skin the ______ to make a combo. Thanks!

I do a trick I like to call Skin The Ninja.

Throw a Ninja Vanish. Do a few GT Barrel Rolls. Do a GT Flip and land in a double trapeze (while still in gt formation). Go back to a single GT and do a Reverse Flip. Land in a reverse double trapeze thing (while still in the GT). Dismount that and you will be back in a regular GT. It looks super tech when done smoothly. Make sure you use a throw with a large "string zone. This trick likes to bind unexpectedly and destroy your fingers. lol.

One combo I like to do is when I dismount from this trick, go into the GT to Tower formation. Then do a few ping pongs and whip it good to break the slip knot.

I hope you can understand the maneuvers I just mentioned, despite my poor choice of words.

Im sorry, i am so confused…

They should make a series of “Skin the” tricks, and as the tricks get harder, the animals getting skinned get bigger. Like, “Skin the Gerbil” “Skin the Rabbit” “Skin the Cat” “Skin the dog” “Skin the Wolf” “Skin the Bear” and then finally finish it off with some awesome body-oriented trick called “Skin the Human”


Hah! That’s a great idea. :slight_smile: