Easy combos



My name is Milda.

Now i’m yoyoing about 3 months.

I have one question.

Well now I’m learning skin the gerbil and spirit bomb.

I wanna learn easy combos or some cool tricks not with andre boulay :D.
And cool ways to GT.



Try googling… “Rethinkyoyos”

I think thats the name?.. yah… so… He has some WICKED tricks but the most understandable tutorials!


Yeah I know rethinkyoyos I learned just a minute ago trapeze tower :smiley:


But now I need easy ways to GT


Ninja Vanish… :



If you still want some combos, play around with the trapeze. Use eli hops,“Oliver twists”, “Ferris wheels”, double on trapezes, and skin the gerbil-like moves to create your own skin the gerbil.