Skin the Gerbil - now what?


I’ve been doing string tricks for about 3 weeks now, and having way too much fun! This is seriously addicting!! I’m looking for some more tricks about the same length and difficulty as Skin the Gerbil. Now that I can land it smoothly and consistently, I would like to add more tricks to my repertoire. Any recommendations?

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The Matrix. It’s fun, it’s a crowd pleaser, and it’s a repeater!

For me, it was SLIiiiiightly easier than Skin the Gerbil (lack of good technique caused me to lose too much spin in Gerbil early on!)… but definitely in the same league.


Cold Fusion


Kwyjibo - if that’s how it’s spelled…

Mcbride roller coaster - easy to learn

Rewind - good to practice this one

Magic trick - fun, not too hard if you have a good wrist mount already.


Thanks for the suggestions. I watched some videos and they seem perfect. It’s going to force me to be more consistent with Double or Nothing. Just what I need.


In addition to the stuff listed from this site, check out a bunch of the level 2 stuff on mryoyothrower’s youtube page. Lots of stuff around that skill level. I’ve been going through his level 2 and 3 stuff for things that I can add to my repertoire. Really handy.


Looks like a great youtube channel. Thanks!


I would also check out the slusny and yotricks channels as well. Very good tutorials.


Oh! Have a look at rethinkyoyo also! The tutorials are well made with slo-mo and different angles…


The Slusny library of videos is extensive and incredibly well done. Love that resource.

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Once you get to a higher level and want a nice challenge, check out Rancid Milk. Best. Trick. Ever.
(IMO :wink: )