Skin the gerbil!!!


So I have seen three different ways of doing this trick. One was from YoTricks, the next is on here and the third is from MonkeyFinger. What do you think is the proper way of doing the trick??,


I’ve always done it the same way that is taught here on YYE.

On a side note, did any of you guys ever notice the funny way Andre says “This is part 2 of skin the ge-gerbil?”


I have too, I love doing that trick! Its my fav, its fun and fast :smiley:

And i just noticed that haha


You know what they say, there is more than one way to skin a…

…ah, forget it…


I just do it the way my friend taught me. I think it’s the one that is taught on YoyoExpert.


The MFD way is the same as the YYE way. They just have a different style of throwing.

Sometimes with Andre’s tutorial you’ll see him do a reverse flip instead of an Oliver Twist, but other times when he’s just ripping through it, he does an Oliver Twist. :wink:

I like the Oliver Twist better (the way explicitly taught in MFD’s tutorial) so that’s what I stick to.