skin the gerbil and other questions

here are the questions:

  1. i’m using a speeder with 0.5 shims and a double silicone and kk setup. yet my yoyo dies halfway through skin the gerbil. is this due to my poor manipulation or because the gap is small?

  2. for jade whip and other whipping tricks, which fingers do you whip the slack with? do you aim the slack?

  3. to get into that mount-thingy for the gyro flop, you’re supposed to do a plastic whip kind of thing. i dont really get that. anyone could explain how to do that mini-whip? even better, anyone have a tutorial?


first of all the tutorials of Andre are great. if you’re looking fo rmore go on youtube and you’ll find all these great tutorials.
For skin the gerbil your really need a great throw. i doubt it’s the manipultaion because of the KK bearing but it may be so you should practice that. break down the trick into parts, practice each part seperately, and put it all together
Jade whip is exactly like iron wip except there’s no pop. you still aim with your thumb and pointer finger to whip the yoyo. you aim the slack slightly to the right if i’m not mistaken
for gryo flop, make sure you have an awesome plastic whip down. when you grab the yoyo before whipping it, make sure you have a pich so there’s a lot of slack. the rest is like plastic whip there’s also variations that end in the same way but start differently.

  1. For Skin the Gerbil, you have to keep the yoyo very straight, so it doesnt rub on the response syetem very much. It will take practice, but it is worth it.

  2. For Jade Whip, I grab the slack with my entire fist. I don’t really aim that much, it just kind of goes into the gap naturally through trial and error. Some people grab the slack, throw it over, and let it hang there until it does go into the gap, and then they drop it.

  3. On Gyroscopic Flop, yes, you do a plastic whip type motion. You throw the loop through your thumb and middle finger, and hook it in the gap, then pull.

But, a better and easier way to do the Gyroscopic Flop is to do a trapeze, twist your non throwhand index finger to where the loop on that finger is crossed, and then pull on the string closest to your throwhand once your have twisted your non throwhand pointer inwards.

Hope I helped! ;D

theres many ways and some may be “easier” depending on the player:
Plastic Whip and pull on the string closest to you.
Houdini Mount and pop into the back thiangle and pull.
Normal way posted on YYE.
Chopstick Flop(Gyro Flop from chopstick tyop of mount)
Trapeze, curl in your pointer, and pull.
Trapeze & his Brother, curl finger, and pull.
so there’s dozens and you have to practice and see which way i “easier” for you.

The absolute best thing you can do for Skin the Gerbil is to keep the entire trick moving in one fluid motion. You could have your gap shimmed out the size of the grand canyon and it’ll still die if you keep stalling in between steps just because of all the string piles. That and make it as straight as possible.

The main pinch in Jade Whip is really made between your thumb and index, but like YoYoBob, I like to use my entire hand, and get the aim down by trial and error. Also like him, I never really keep a specific aim in mind, and just guide the string into the slack with a straight-down wrist twisting movement. It also helps to keep the motion forceful. It will “find” the gap better than it would for a wimpy whip.

It may help on Gyro Flop to just do a regular plastic whip and then just grab the back string and pull it forward. If you do it the way Andre does it in his tuts, it helps to pop it up and whip it in one motion just like a regular Plastic Whip, and instead of pinching the string with your non-throwhand, just have it loosely on there as a guide.

And most importantly, keep practicing! Skin the Gerbil and Jade Whip took me months of revisiting before I had them down comfortably, but now they’re two of my favorite tricks to throw into a play session.

for skin the gerbal the string probly isint sliding freely across your finger and if it donsent slide across your finger the rest wrapes around the bearing slowing it down alot more than usual. for jad whip u can use as many fingers as you like i use index middle and ring finger and you do have to am sting into gap. and gro flop do a hudini mount and under pas were all sting around it like kamakazie then pop of back ang pull. hope this helps.

No offense but you’re just basically restating all of the previous posts.