Skill question for the pros.


I was throwing yesterday and inevitably I tried to land a big loop and instead landed it square in the crotch. I played soccer for years through college (Div 1) and beyond. There came a time where my skill rose to a level where I stopped trapping the ball into my face; or other such embarrassing moments. Is there a point in yoyo-ing where things like this stop happening? Does Hiroyuki Suzuki still hammer himself? Just had to wonder.


I’d think Mickey hammers himself more from doing so much horizontal.


Playing at the speed Mickey plays at and the amount of time he must spend practicing, I’m betting he hits himself in the crotch and the face plenty.


(Alex Fairhurst) #4

what do you think the sunglasses are for?


Stylish and practical!



Yup. Face armor and covers bruises.

Plus, I bet he’s probably wearing a cup, just in case! Nothing worse than getting a yoyo contest DQ due to a TKO.


A Louis Vuitton face armor for $800?
Definitely stylish and practical.


I hit myself like 3 times a day


I’m no pro.

But yes, I hit my self all the time…

One time in the face at a fundraiser.