Skill level about a 4, backdrop a solid 10


I didn’t realize how potato that edit my daughter did was - I apologize for killing your eyes! Updated with better resolution and even worse yoyo skills!


Changed video as the first one was POTATO! Now you get an edit with better video quality and even WORSE yoyo skills!

(Jacob Waugh) #3

Used a Skywalker?


Not quite, but it IS an Alien Galaxy Puff Adder from Reticulated Return Tops which I really love. I knew we were trooping with the X-Wing and wanted to just get some yoyo video in front of it and when my wife started filming I wished I had actually thought of a little routine. Could have put together better tricks but I was trying to do it quick and get back to trooping. Sloppy as heck and not very interesting but hey, X-WING!


Thanks I’ll be here all week, two shows on Tuesday!

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How long did the costume take? or did you buy it?


All that setup and no ‘shoot the moon’ or ‘around the world’? Am disappoint!

Oh hi Quayle.


Yeah I’m disappointed with my trick choice and skill - it all went so fast! Should have planned a bit better. Next time I’ll be better and maybe I’ll bust out a different character!


That one is sourced from Darth Hair FX and is completely screen accurate to ANH X-Wing Pilot. That costume is approved in the Rebel Legion (sister org of the 501st). I’m not good with sewing and Jeff does such an amazing job with the X-Wing helmet and box that I just sourced that whole thing.

My favorite costumes are my ANH TK (classic Stormtrooper) and TS (Snowtrooper). Stormtrooper took the most work that was about a 60-hour project and I built that to the highest possible standards. Both of those are 501st Approved and active here in the Mountain Garrison where I am the GML. If you ever trade with me or purchase from me on BST you’ll get my trading cards! And if you’re interested in Star Wars costuming, I’m your guy!

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Jeff… Atwood?


Nah dude, just messing with you. Probably could have added a ‘flying saucer’ as well :stuck_out_tongue:


I accidentally did a UFO trying to do a fingerspin. For some reason the response grabbed on that throw. Normally the Puff Adder fingerspins like a champ! I was just so focused on doing yoyo in front of the X-Wing and kind of self-conscious about doing it that I didn’t really put anything good together.


Jeff Rodriguez, AKA Darth Hair who is one of the top Star Wars prop makers around (and just so happens to live in my home state of Colorado).

If you google “darth hair fx etsy” you’ll see some cool stuff!


Yea, true, at least you did a UFO (missed that) :smiley:

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Ok, that makes a lot more sense.

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That was cool. I never realized Pikachu was used as a power source for the x wing


Haha! That’s actually my 7 year-old son! We were doing some upkeep on the X-Wing so he got to do some dusting up top since he’s light enough to not damage anything. He was SUPER excited to get to do that!