Greg Angel: 1.5 Years of 1A


Let me know what you think :slight_smile:


You put an accidental decimal point in the title.


Haha Thanks man :slight_smile:


Yeah that was smooth and slacky, my favorite type of yo-yoing to watch!



Man, I need to practice or you are pulling our chain. That has to be more than 18 months…

Keep it up dude, by the time you hit 3 years you’ll be winning nationals.


And I thought I was improving quickly… :smiley:

I’ll be getting some inspiration for new tricks from your vid haha


Wow. Thanks for all the positive feedback guys :slight_smile: And it has been only a year and seven months :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m actually at a year and 7 months to, and your definitely better then me ::slight_smile:


Well thanks! That means a lot to me that you think so :smiley:

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Well it lacked a flute and a ninja but I did watch it twice! :wink:
Very fun to watch. Keep it up.


That was awesome. :slight_smile:


Thanks skitrz and other Greg :stuck_out_tongue:


One and only bump :3


Real fine job. I bet you will be winning contests in another year and 7 months.


Thanks hobbyman101. I would probably be able to if I did not procrastinate on making freestyles until the week of the event :stuck_out_tongue:


^My reaction


Haha. Much thanks Raigo :smiley:


Nice man. However I keep seeing your post and thinking it says Grey Angel…which reminds me of some 40k action (maybe some of you know what I’m talking about). Makes me wish I still played…


Whenever i see this i think of chris angel lol


Thanks for the feedback MrJackPoodle :slight_smile: