Six Yoyos and a DVD for Sale: GenYo, YYF, and More!


Hello YoYoExpert! It sure has been a while since I’ve been on here.
Anyway, putting these back up for sale as I need money. Everything in this thread is up to date. Since I havent been around in a while, I dont know what certain throws are going for these days, so offer me what you think is fair. All prices include shipping
Note: Everything for sale onle. No Trades. None
Note 2: Paypal only.

Well, pics at the bottom, take a look!


YYF Buddha King
Raw, not the best strip job
No hubstacks (I can include 2 small bearings for hubstacks though, but will have to ship them at a later date)
Still plays pretty well
Looking for $35

XYO Xcalibur
Lots of dings all around the rims (I cannot satin the rims)
Plays absurdly smooth, with no vibe
One pad, but need some breaking in so it plays slightly tug responsive

Red, Some Marks around the rim
Three major marks: A decent sized ding into the metal, two flat spots, one on either half
Plays phenomenally

General-Yo B+ Ministar
Purple B+ Grade
Marks going all around the rims
Nothing that breaks the Ano
Plays really nicely, great as a pocket throw

YYJ Phenomizm
Purple, Missing caps
No major rim damage
Some small cracking around the hub
Plays really great
Comes with KK

Duncan FHZ
Looks like it was clear, but painted Trans-Green with white caps
Paint job isnt very clean and it looks like there are some marks on the inside of the yoyo
Minor rim damage
Still plays great

Save Deth Volume II DVD
Unopened, Still in original plastic



Buddha King


Note that is dust in the hub area, but dings around the rim





Pocket Rocket


Why would you strip that thing!!! There were only 96 of them made IN THE WORLD!!!

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