LF: Bapezilla and more, FS/T YYF Alchemy and more! Come and see!

Ok, decided that I need to get rid of a couple yoyos as they dont get much use if any. One in particular I’m not set on getting rid of, just testing the waters if you will.

YYF Boss


Green and blue boss, near mint
damage shown in second pic.

Alchemy CU

Good condish, has a couple marks on one rim. All from original owner. Comparison shot with YYF Genesis
YYF Genesis not for sale

YYF Classic 888 Aqua edition


The solid line around the rims is from my brother in law walking the dog a few months back.
It has its share of cosmetic marks, they look alot worse than they really are, nothing a good satin couldnt fix. but plays smooth and true. I will post pics of all damage. No response in it. I still have the original hubstacks for it but as of right now the stacks are not on it.

YYJ Dark MAgic

This is a beater yoyo, one of my first unresponsive play, used this in most of my ways into a different style ie 5a and 4a. the marks being from 4a haha. not expecting much for this.

Thowdown Shuriken

Normal wear:

Has normal wear around the edges (I’m to understand this is common amongst this particular yoyo). A couple places where it is dinged but super minor.

YYF Die Nasty


Blue, has some dings, from original owner. pics will show them.

Yomega Xodus II
Xodus II:

Its black with orange rims, the starburst is pretty thin on one side but im sure someone can make use for it even if its just to a kid or for 4a. lol will also post pics of this.

If they are sold i will only accept offers through paypal. And currently only shipping to the US.

Offer for all, and remember keep it reasonable.

Now for the wants in order from greatest to least.

YYF Jason Lee edition 888 (Preferably the red one)
Anti-yo Bapezilla
Madhouse 5150 (bb’d)
Crucial Heavy Cream
Modded FHZ

Things im not looking for:

PM with offers or questions. Please no lowballs. The worst I can say is no, so just because you dont offer what I want does not mean I wont accept. Again feel free to PM me with any questions you feel is not already covered.

what? no offers?

New yoyos with pics!!

wait by same goes with 888 do you mean that you want 120 for it? Also what version is it?

Haha no 120 for the noctu. And just offer for the protostar, 888, wedgie etc etc. It is the Classic 888
EDITED OP as well

Wedgie and protostar pending

20 shipped for the Protostar

how much for the cu