Single wrap? Double...Triple??

How many times do people wrap the string around the bearing? Does it affect the bind? Easier with more wraps? Does it provide a stronger string? I’ve done upwards of three wraps, settled at two though, and as of late I’ve been on just a single wrap. What do you guys do and why? Is it stronger? Or doesn’t matter… discuss…

More wraps make binds easier to an extent, however I just do one wrap.

Once you become good at binding you don’t wrap at all(or it might be one wrap, not exactly sure what you would consider one wrap). Just under mount then bind. You won’t see any pros doing multiple wraps.

none? wrapping only makes it more responsive…

What are we considering a wrap? Like I was considering the initial loop around the yoyo as a wrap.

I would think anything more that the loop that has to be on it to work. Anything more would be a 1-loop and so on. (maybe? seems logical)

Well if that’s the case then I don’t loop mine at all.

The only times I could see needing to loop is if you are a beginner needing a bit of help with getting the yoyo to your hand or if you have super thin string and want to be able to slack bind better.

To be clear, I mean when you first put the string on the yoyo. New string, etc. and you open the bottom of the string up and put the yoyo through the hole.

Triple wrap… Never

Double wrap… ‘Possibly: wooden axle, metal axle, transaxle(1A). 2A: possibly bearing or wooden axle’.

Single wrap… Exclusively for: 1A, 2A, 3A and 5A

Anything other than single wrap is either for ‘special crutch-type applications’, lack of experience, getting past a sticking point for beginners that just can’t get the yo rolling along and coming black or simply nobody around to explain that single wrapping is the correct progressive method.

I would love to hear anybody with explanations logically supporting their ideas for anything other than single wrapping?



As a novice, the things I can come up with are 1. A stronger point at the bottom of the string and 2. Slightly easier binds.

1 is pretty much irrelevant and extra wraps are completely unnecessary once you properly learn how to bind.

I highly suggest not doing anymore extra wraps; might make binding a little harder now but will help your technique in the long run. Not to mention extra wraps will give you major problems with snagging once you get better and are doing more advanced tricks.

I’ve never had an issue with string strength on a bearing yoyo, responsive or unresponsive, and I’ve never used anything more than a single loop.

Double wraps reduce the droop effect when the yoyo is at the end of the string. It will feel smoother at the end of the string, also binds will be easier.
I only use double wraps on Brain yoyos because it doesn’t work with single.

I will stick with a single loop. Thanks for the insight.