Since U Been Gone

Not trying to sound like a jerk, but the video was just boring. It was, “Oh look, a trick. Hey, another trick.”

Music got muted the second it went sceamo…

Liking the stack suicides. I couldn’t catch them midair for my life.

but you still watched it and that’s all i was looking for

That shouldn’t be all you care about. You should want me to be messaging you about a trick at 3:06, not have me yawning in front of my screen.

For videos like this I’d suggest cutting the videos down to 1 minute if you’d like to keep people interested for the entire video. with this style anything much longer gets boring. Make sure you keep the tricks in frame as well. Don’t worry about filming them more than one time to make sure you get it perfect :slight_smile: It may take you a few hours to a few days to film it, but it takes us a few minutes to watch it, and if you don’t take the time to get it right, people won’t take the time to watch it, even if it is only a few minutes long. Hope to see your next video soon :slight_smile:

i have to agree with Q a little bit but i like your signatures :stuck_out_tongue: